Where can I rent a canoe, kayak or motor boat?

For Mirror Lake: Contact Mirror Lake Boat Rental of Lake Placid. 518-524-7890 http://mlboatrental.com/ For Lake Placid phone Captain Marney's Boat Rental at 518-523-9746.

Where can I rent a canoe, kayak or motor boat?2018-02-26T08:23:26-05:00

Where is the grocery store?

There are two main grocery stores in Lake Placid, The Price Chopper located at 1930 Saranac Ave and Hannaford Supermarket located at 45 Hadjis Way. We also recommend a concierge [...]

Where is the grocery store?2018-03-30T15:53:08-04:00

Will we have access to a phone?

Each of our units are equipped with phones for your local calling convenience. All long distance calls must be made collect or charged to your calling card.

Will we have access to a phone?2018-03-30T12:19:41-04:00

Can I arrange for daily housekeeping?

Yes, for an additional fee (based on your needs) you may arrange for extra housekeeping services. This arrangement must be made during the initial reservation process in order to schedule [...]

Can I arrange for daily housekeeping?2018-02-26T08:26:32-05:00

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